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Troy Record

The Troy Record published published an article on one of our ongoing success stories with the Boys and Girls Club of the Capital Area. The BGCCA, in partnership with the City School District of Albany, the Cohoes City School District, and the Watervliet City School District have been providing pre-k services to an average of 500 children since 1998.

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Canopy logo

Canopy Global Demo Night

Stuart Noakes invited GyvLink to participate in the Canopy Global Demo night, held on August 4th, 2020. The Canopy events are based in Lisbon, Portugal.

1 Million Cups, Washington, D.C.

GyvLink was invited to present at the Washington, D.C. chapter of 1 Million Cups in February of 2020.

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GyvLink was invited to pitch at the May 2020 VentureB event. VentureB is a quarterly program designed for entrepreneurs to gain visibility to the region’s angel and institutional investors, business service providers, advisers, students, faculty, alumni and the early stage business community. It's run by the Center for Economic Growth.

Startup Tech Valley

GyvLink was invited to pitch at the December 2019 Startup Tech Valley Event, hosted in Troy, NY.

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1 Million Cups logo

1 Million Cups, Albany, NY

GyvLink presented at the Albany Chapter of 1 Million Cups in May of 2019, when the platform was still in a beta stage.

BE Your Start

GyvLink participated in the BE Your Start accelerator, run by Braathe Enterprises. The accelerator was founded in 2005, and has been providing consulting services to businesses of all sizes and individuals seeking to start their businesses or careers.

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