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Step 1

Nonprofits and donor companies register their organizations with GyvLink, and we do verification of the organizations. They represent needs that will be shared with the community.

Step 1 on the GyvLink process
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Step 2 of the GyvLink process

Step 2

Nonprofit staff members create GyvLink posts - like visual gift registries - to represent needs. GyvLinks are shared via email, websites, and social media to update the community on acute needs or giving campaigns. Each GyvLink has all of the information for a community to pledge and give in a way that's matched to needs.

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Step 3

Donors fulfill item-requests, and donor organizations are auto-matched to needs. The shipping or item drop-off details are specified by each organization.

Step 3 of the GyvLink process
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Step 4 of the GyvLink process

Step 4

Families and individuals receive the items that were requested, while maintaining their privacy. Donors get satisfaction knowing that their donations were directly matched to needs. Companies fulfill their corporate social responsibility.