What is GyvLINK? 

GyvLINK is a social impact company dedicated to helping organizations and communities better present, share, and have their needs met.  Our platform makes it easy to match needs of supplies, equipment, volunteers, and professional services with in-kind donations from individuals and corporations. 



What is a “gyvlink”? 

Our platform helps organizations make virtual donation registries, and automatically generates a unique and shareable URL for those registries. This unique URL (aka “gyvlink”) sends donors directly to this list of item requests, third-party monetary links, and volunteer requests. 



How can I make my in-kind donation requests? 

Our 3-step process eliminates donation hassles – making fulfillment both quicker and easier:

STEP 1: Create your GyvLINK 

Log into your GyvLINK account and select “Request Items” or “Request Services”. Follow the wizard to specify your in-kind donation needs, where to deliver it, and who to contact. Add sample images and descriptions, including desired size and item conditions, giving donors a more complete picture of your needs. Our platform will automatically create a unique and shareable URL (aka “gyvlink”)

STEP 2: Share and get Real-Time Updates

Start sharing your gyvlink across email and social platforms to members of your community and potential donors, where they will be able to view your request like a gift registry. Active gyvlinks can also be matched to corporate donors using our unique algorithm.

STEP 3: Receive your Donations!

You receive what you need without waste or mistargeted donations.  After your campaign finishes, you can add final pictures or words of gratitude, keeping your donors engaged with your organization.



How can GyvLINK help me find donors? 

Active gyvlinks can be matched with registered corporate or individual donors using our unique algorithm – this helps donors find you.  Your gyvlinks are easily shareable across social media platforms and other internet spaces, while tracking everything (item needs, volunteer requests, monetary donation links, etc.) in one place!  Premium accounts can opt into our Donations Marketplace, where corporate and individual donors can submit items and services that can be directly matched to you, or browsed as a marketplace.



Can I use GyvLINK to recruit volunteers?

Yes! You can place volunteer requests by selecting the “Request Volunteers” option from your GyvLINK account and following the same steps as for item requests.  GyvLINK premium members have access to the volunteer recruitment feature, so make sure to UPGRADE to get the most out of GyvLINK! 



Does GyvLINK help with donation logistics?

GyvLINK does not ship or handle donations, but we facilitate easy information sharing between organizations and donors, so all necessary details regarding donation logistics can be easily found in our platform.  We also help parcel out large donations that you may be offered, leaving you with the quantity that fits your needs, making excess donations available to other organizations. It’s also possible for donors to pay for your shipping logistics.



Can I use GyvLINK to request monetary donations?

Yes. While you can’t request monetary donations directly through GyvLINK, you can add third-party monetary donation URLs (e.g. GoFundMe, PayPal, Fundly) directly to your GyvLINK registry. These are easily accessible to donors who view your gyvlinks.



I need technical assistance with my GyvLINK account, who do I contact? 

All GyvLINK members have access to our onboarding guide and chat support, available at gyvlink.com. If you need further help, feel free to contact support@gyvlink.com, and one of our experts will be happy to assist you.