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The Boys and Girls Club of the Capital Area


The Boys and Girls Club of the Capital Area (BGCCA), in partnership with the City School District of Albany, the Cohoes City School District, and the Watervliet City School District have been providing Pre-Kindergarten services to an average of 500 children since 1998. The Capital Area is typically blue-collar and lower income.

In 2020, BGCCA battled budget cuts and while experiencing an increased need for assistance. An important goal was procuring individual learning kits for Pre-K students (e.g., providing supplies to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on their learning experience). The pandemic kept many children out of Pre-K classrooms, making it even more difficult for teachers and students. BGCCA and GyvLink partnered to help.

Boys and Girls Club logo

Donations Campaign

With GyvLink’s focus on community-building efforts, BGCCA was a natural fit for the donation-matching software platform. GyvLink’s CEO, Devvan Stokes got involved - learning about BGCCA’s needs, posting them on the GyvLink platform, and using it to share the request for desired items with nearby communities. As a visual gift registry, donors were able to see the up-to-date requests, as well as items that had already been donated.

GyvLink's campaign to solicit corporate and individual donations for TFP caught the attention of local news and media outlets, and further interest was brought to the needs faced by the community.

school supplies wish list
school supply delivery
Delivery day for The Club


GyvLink’s promotion and outreach enabled BGCCA and the children to quickly receive 500 dry erase marker boards. The provision of these supplies had a direct impact on the efficacy of Pre-K learning activities, and the children’s enthusiasm and motivation for learning in a remote COVID-19 learning environment. The donations campaign delivered a precise number of items, generated zero waste, and caused no warehousing costs. Moreover, BGCCA did not have to recruit and coordinate volunteers with the task of sorting, transporting, or disposing / redistributing the items.

picture of Jimmy Bulmer
Jimmy Bulmer, Director of Development, Individual Giving


"During a time of uncertainty with COVID-19 and a need to adapt for our youth, Gyvlink was there to support the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Capital Area. Together we were able to provide over 500 Pre-Kindergarten students with the resources needed to continue learning from a distance." -Jimmy Bulmer, Director of Development, Individual Giving