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What we do

The GyvLink service makes it easy to highlight needs and share them with donor communities. Verified advocacy organizations create Posts for recipients, listing the items, their desired conditions, quantities, and any special instructions. Potential donors receive the request as a visual gift registry, and can easily see the organization that’s highlighting the need.


Become a Verified Organization

Become a verified organization to facilitate the donation of items for those in need. The needs you highlight will become the focus of giving opportunities. Recipients remain anonymous.


Contribute to Giving Opportunities

Donors can view and contribute to each GyvLink opportunity without an app install or account registration. Donor organizations can be auto-matched to posts.

It is time to help!

GyvLink creates line of sight between needs and donors. If your organization can see COVID-related needs, enroll as an advocate. Use GyvLink to quickly share verified needs of physical items with your community, as a gift registry, in two minutes. Save your staff hours spent on communicating updates.

If your company or organization wants to rally to contribute to verified needs from verified organization, take four minutes to enroll as a donor. GyvLink makes it easy to respond precisely, reducing waste, storage costs, and mistargeted donations.

Gyvlink Benefits

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Focus your donors’ giving efforts, and reduce costs associated with warehousing, sorting, and disposing of unwanted donations

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Useful for acute needs, holiday gift drives, or long-running giving campaigns.

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Centralize updates and minimize staff time spent on communication.

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Easily share giving opportunity links with potential donors via your own social media channels, email, and websites.

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Give your donors the ability to see other donor pledges, preventing over-giving and neglected items.

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GyvLink can auto-match donor organizations to your posted requests.