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Boys and Girls Club of the Capital Area

The Boys and Girls Club of the Capital Area (BGCCA), in partnership with the City School District of Albany, the Cohoes City School District and the Watervliet City School District have been providing pre-k services to an average of 500 children since 1998.

Hamad with items

The Need

Like many nonprofit organizations, BGCCA is currently battling budget cuts and an increased need for assistance in procuring individual learning kits for the pre-k students this year. The kits provide all necessary supplies to insure that COVID-19 does not impact their ability to learn. In its effort to bolster its efforts for the 2020 pre-k program, BGCCA has turned to GyvLink

Enter the Donors

To date, through Gyvlink, the pre-k program has received 500 dryerase boards from The Marker Board People based in WI. In addition to dryerase boards, BGCCA is seeking donations of dry erase markers, Play-Doh, crayons, washable markers, and clear backpacks.

picture of received items
picture of received items

How To Help

As an individual, you can engage via the BGCCA GyvLink, below. As an organization, you can share the link with your employees, or register with GyvLink as a donor organization. Registered donors can find this and other opportunites to donate to.
You can pledge and contribute to the campaign here!